Advances and Applications of Humanized In Vivo Models in Preclinical Drug Development

A Symposium Series From The Jackson Laboratory

Learn how your immunotherapy pipeline can benefit from the expertise of JAX, a major player in the in vivo preclinical pharmacology space collaborating with the leaders in the industry. We will discuss why humanized mice are becoming the golden standard for preclinical immunotherapy development.

Event Details
June 12th - 19th
Munich, Germany
Zürich, Switzerland
Paris, France
London, UK

Four Cities. Four Topics

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Munich, Germany

Predictive In Vivo Humanized Models for Immunotherapy Drug Development

At this event, we will discuss the evolution of immune system humanized mouse models and their use in the preclinical development of immunotherapies. The symposium is the ideal forum for everyone interested in generating translational data for developing therapies targeting the human immune system.

Zürich, Switzerland

Translational Models for Antibody Drug Development

The seminars will focus on the role of genetically and immune system-humanized models in the antibody drug development pipeline. Antibody developers will hear how leaders in the field use humanized models to predict and optimize the clinical performance of their drug candidate.

Paris, France

Preclinical Evaluation of Advanced Cell-Based Therapies Using In Vivo Humanized Models

We will discuss the main features of well-characterized and novel immune system humanized mouse models and their application to evaluate the preclinical efficacy and safety of cell-based cancer therapies. This event is an opportunity for developers of cell therapies to discuss how to utilize these new humanized in vivo systems to generate relevant translational data supporting their development programs.

London, UK

Principles and Applications of Humanized In Vivo Models to Study the Immune System and Evaluate Immunotherapies

We will introduce immune system humanized mice, their use to explore different characteristics of the human immune system, and their utility in testing the efficacy and safety of immunomodulatory drugs. By participating in this symposium, researchers will learn why humanized mice are quickly becoming the gold standard tools in the preclinical development of immunomodulatory therapies.

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